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Butyl Reclaimed Rubber

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Butyl Reclaimed Rubber

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Butyl Reclaimed Rubber:Features and application:

This product is used butyl inner tube, butyl capsule as raw material, the use of advanced high-temperaturecontinuous process production from renewable recycled rubber productsare dual-channel 60-100 mesh sieve filtration, the product is fine, no particles, for radial Tire inner linerand manufacture of butyl inner tube, butyl capsules, andbutyl rubber waterproofing membrane.    

Production capacity: annual production capacity of 30,000 tons.    

Main products:
☆ .100 Head butyl reclaimed rubber
☆ .60 Butyl Reclaimed Rubber Head
☆ .60 head capsule recycled rubber butyl
. halogenated butyl rubber recycling