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Fine tire rubber powder

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Fine tire rubber powder

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Fine tire rubber powder:  Features and application:

The product is made of rubber tires as raw material finepowder. At room temperature using grinding technology to produce, with a narrow size distribution, surface area,combined with the good characteristics of rubber productsfor different mesh is widely used as automotive bicycletires, hose tape, rubber floor material (such as rubber tiles, carpet Etc.), waterproofing membrane, roofingmaterials, and crumb rubber modified asphalt road and railway sleepers and other products, raw materials andsubsidiary materials.

Production capacity: annual production capacity of 10,000 tons.

Main products:

1, the black fine powder series:

☆ .Fine tire rubber powder 80 mesh

☆ .Fine tire rubber powder 60 mesh

☆ .Fine tire rubber powder 40 mesh

☆ .Fine tire rubber powder 30 mesh

2, color fine powder series:

☆ .Fine white powder 80 mesh

☆ .Fine red powder 80 mesh

☆ .Fine white powder 60 mesh

☆ .Fine red powder 60 mesh

☆ .Fine white powder 40 mesh

.Fine red powder 40 mesh