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Recycled rubber tires

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Recycled rubber tires

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(A)Recycled tire rubber:  Features and application:

The tire as waste tire products made of recycled rubberraw materials for the manufacture of tires, belt, shoes and other rubber products. Environmentally friendly recycled rubber meet the European and American countries related environmental requirements.

Product has the following characteristics:

◎ quality and stability;

◎ processing performance.

(B) reduction of recycled rubber tires:

Features and application:

This product is used as raw materials refined tire treadof recycled rubber, rubber hydrocarbon content, is themanufacture of tires, adhesive tape and other rubber products of high quality recycled materials. Reduction ofenvironmentally friendly rubber tires meet the ROHS, SVHC, PAHS and other environmental regulations.

Product has the following characteristics:

◎ light scent;

◎ pollution.

This product is suitable for various types of odor with higher

requirements for environment-friendly rubber.

Production capacity:annual production capacity of 30,000 tons.

Main products:

1, green recycled tire rubber:

☆. odorless fine recycled rubber tires

☆. odorless fine recycled rubber tires

☆. tasteless a recycled rubber tires

☆. odorless qualified recycled rubber tires

2, general tire reclaimed rubber:

☆. fine superior grade recycled tire rubber

☆. fine a recycled tire rubber

☆. a recycled rubber tires

. qualified recycled rubber tires