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Ni Xuewen glorious election of the first man of China Petroleum and Chemical Ind

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NEEDHAM, Massachusetts: "The First China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Person of the Year" awards ceremony, Jan. 13, 2004 was held at Beijing's Great Hall, a totalof 20 entrepreneurs with their business to obtain outstanding performance on thePerson of the Year title . Branch chairman of the comprehensive utilization of waste rubber, Rubber Group Co., Ltd. Nantong back of the chairman, general manager of Ni Xuewen one of them.

It is understood that, "The First China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Person of the Year"contest by "China Chemical Industry News" was launched, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association affiliated professional associations and the Office ofthe petrochemical industry to help provinces and autonomous regions, which lasted one year. "Man" in a fair, just and open manner, through the organization recommendedstories publicity, generated after expert review.

During the presentation, He Guoqiang, the party and state leaders, Cheng Siwei, GuXiu election and other met was "Person of the Year"title of entrepreneurs, a photo taken with them.